Secuna co-founder AJ Dumanhug, with his teammates Ameer and Nathu, bagged the grand prize for Capture the Flag (CTF) competition in the recently concluded ROOTCON 13 last September 27, 2019, at Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay, Philippines.

Final scores of the Top 3 teams after the competition

AJ joined by his teammates, Nathu and Ameer, garnered a final score of 2884 in the CTF, followed by the 2nd and 3rd finalists whose scores were 2276 and 1596 respectively. This is their second time to join ROOTCON CTF after they won 2nd place last year from among more than 10 competitors.

Team G3 standing from left to right: Nathu, Ameer, and AJ. Sitting in the front are the members of hackstreetboys.

Derived from the word ROOT, a Unix super-user, and Con for Conference, ROOTCON is the Philippines’ premier hacking conference inspired by the world’s largest hacking conference, the DEF CON. Founded in 2008, one of the highlights of the annual conference is a mind-boggling hacker game, CTF competition. CTF is a game that lets participating teams hack in a safe, rewarding environment. This years’ CTF is organized by Pwn De Manila in the premise of a competition that is frustratingly witty and proudly Filipino.