The Philippine’s first and only community-powered cybersecurity testing platform, Secuna, secured a seed round investment from Singapore based investment firm 8Ventures Pte. Ltd. to further strengthen its charge to secure local startups.

In line with its mission to grow organizations that create and use new technologies to develop profitable businesses, 8Ventures Pte. Ltd. added Secuna in its investment portfolio along with Paylance, Moneybees, Orbit Crypto Hub, Bloom, and Qubit Realty. Paylance is into fast and seamless financial transactions, Moneybees engages in buy and sell of cryptocurrency over-the-counter, Orbit Crypto Hub is also engaged in buy and sell of cryptocurrency from licensed virtual currency exchange in one place, Bloom is a BSP-Licensed virtual currency exchange in the Philippines, while Qubit Realty is a strategic real property investment firm. Secuna, leading the charge in vulnerability testing by world-class cybersecurity experts is the only business that is into cybersecurity among blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Fintech dominated investments of 8Ventures Pte. Ltd.

The series of related investments of 8Ventures Pte. Ltd. supported the initial market research and product development of Secuna to connect startups and SMEs to the most advanced and highly vetted cybersecurity professionals in the world. Secuna is slated to release a more robust cybersecurity testing platform in the first quarter of 2020.

Secuna was co-founded by AJ Dumanhug, one of the top Cybersecurity Professionals in the Philippines. He is also the current CTO & CISO while Iannis Hanen, former chief executive of Friendster, joins Secuna as CEO last Oct 2019.  The Chairman and CEO of 8Ventures Pte. Ltd., Jay Ricky Villarante, in his investment with Secuna makes him the Chairman and President of the company.

About the Chairman and President, Jay Villarante is the author of the Book entitled “Blockchain: A Catalyst of Good Governance in the Philippines”, which explores how blockchain technology can help alleviate many of the pressing issues that plague the Philippine archipelago today.