Bug bounty hunters, cybersecurity professionals, or security researchers that use The New Standard in Cybersecurity Testing, Secuna, can now receive bug bounty in Bitcoin (BTC) starting March of 2020. Earlier today, Paylance has partnered with Secuna which will enable startups and SMEs to pay bug finders in Bitcoin aside from Paypal and the usual bank transfer.

Due to the unique nature of virtual currencies, security researchers prefer the inherent advantages of Bitcoin over fiat currencies. As a network consensus, cryptocurrencies have enabled a payment system that is completely digital, allowing transactions anywhere and anytime, maximizing technologies from smartphones to a computer via the internet.

Unlike online payments made with bank accounts or credit cards, personal information can be optional in some transactions. These are just a few of the unique properties of Bitcoin not covered by any previous payment system that adds up to the excitement of bug bounty hunters in choosing BTC.

Paylance is the leading online crypto exchange where users can buy and sell USD Tether (USDT) and Bitcoin. From employee payrolls, supplier payouts, merchant disbursements to agent commissions and other organizational financial transactions, Paylance makes accepting and disbursing funds effortless across the globe by using crypto as a remittance tool.

In September 2019, Paylance launched its Bug Bounty Program (BBP) in the Secuna DISCOVER platform. Within sixty (60) days of running the BBP, Paylance had received more than 25 bug reports and paid four (4) different cybersecurity professionals. It has since awarded a total bounty of USD$200 to the security researchers who discovered valid security vulnerabilities.

The Secuna and Paylance partnership has motivated cybersecurity professionals from around the world to participate in other future programs aside from the bounty programs. The seamless bug bounty payments of the Secuna DISCOVER platform entices them to be more effective in their pursuit to help companies secure their assets.

Secuna is a trusted cybersecurity testing platform that provides organizations a robust and secure platform that enables them to collaborate with the top security researchers from around the world to find and address security vulnerabilities.

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