Generally, the term hackers pertains to individuals or organizations that gain access to a target system using methodologies and tools designed to bypass security of computer systems. However, NOT ALL HACKERS ARE BAD. Some type of hackers are actually GOOD GUYS that can greatly help your company deter cybercriminals from compromising your system.

There are 3 types of hackers:

  • Black Hat Hackers , they are the Cybercrminals;
  • White Hat Hackers, also known as Ethical Hackers, they are The Good Guys; and
  • Gray Hat Hackers, well... read on below to know what makes them 'gray'.

'Black Hat’ Hackers

A Black Hat hacker is an individual who gains unauthorized access into a system to exploit it for malicious reasons. They are the ones deemed as CYBERCRIMINALS.

The Black Hat hacker does not have any permission nor authority to compromise their targets. They try to inflict damage by compromising systems, altering functions of websites and networks, or shutting down systems. They often do so to steal or gain access to passwords, financial information, and other personal data.

‘White Hat’ Hackers

White Hat hackers, often referred to as Ethical Hackers, are deemed to be the good guys, working with organizations to strengthen the security of a system.

A White Hat has permission to engage the targets and to compromise them within the prescribed rules of engagement. They exploit security networks and look for backdoors when they are legally permitted to do so and always disclose every vulnerability they find so that it can be fixed before they are being exploited by malicious actors.

‘Gray Hat’ Hackers

Gray Hats exploit networks and computer systems in the way that black hats do, but do so without any malicious intent.

Usually, Gray Hat hackers go around the net looking for targets, hack into their computer systems, the notify the administrator or the owner that their system/network contains one or more vulnerabilities that must be fixed immediately.

The Global Hacker Community

YES, there is actually huge Global Hacker Community that congregates regularly to share knowledge and experiences in hacking. Events such as the Annual Defcon Event (International), and locally in the Philippines - the Annual Rootcon Event are well-attended by mostly Ethical and Gray Hat Hackers. Most of these events are even sponsored by big tech companies namely Google, Facebook, etc. (in addition to the hacker conferences these tech companies hold themselves).

How the Global Hacker Community can help your Company

At Secuna, we help companies hunt for security bugs or vulnerabilities in their websites and apps continuously with the help of the Secuna Global Community of Ethical Hackers. However, unlike the traditional one-time security audit commonly known as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) – usually a requirement of regulators here in the Philippines – Ethical Hackers participating in the Secuna Bug Bounty Program continuously hunt for vulnerabilities and report any discovery via the Secuna Discover Platform. This keeps you continuously updated on any vulnerability that may be present in your system, specially due to the frequent releases after the VAPT.

If you are serious in enhancing your cybersecurity measures, check out our how our Discover Platform can help you run your own Bug Bounty Program:

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