MetroDeal, a company under Transcomos Artus Co., Ltd. (TACL), had previously tapped Secuna to conduct the meticulous but very necessary process of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) through the Secuna COMPLIANCE service, in order to address critical issues with MetroDeal’s sytem security.

While many companies that collect and aggregate customer data don’t realize that they are REQUIRED by law to have certification for data privacy compliance; MetroDeal, on the other hand, took the initiative as part of their promise to their customers to ensure that their personal data is protected.

According to MetroDeal’s COO, Matthias Pieringer, they were very happy with the results and of the overall customer experience of the Secuna COMPLIANCE service—with TACL President, Hideki Yamashita, in agreement that the next responsible course of action after certification was to step-up MetroDeal’s system security and customer service with a long term, active cybersecurity program that would apply industry best-practice countermeasures like the Vulnerability Disclosure Program (VDP) and Bug Bounty Program (BBP).

To manage these programs, MetroDeal also subscribed to the Secuna MANAGED service, which essentially added Secuna’s highly capable InfoSec team to MetroDeal’s own in-house team as--what the military likes to call “a Force Multiplier”.

The Secuna MANAGED service also utilizes Secuna’s very own subscription-based proprietary platform, Secuna DISCOVER Pro, which allows customers to run VDPs and BBPs, with a starting base of 5 assets and can easily be scaled-up, and which also allows customers access to hundreds of researchers already KYC’ed and registered in the Secuna talent pool of security researchers from across the globe.

MetroDeal’s COO and President were, of course, keenly cognizant of the massive advantage that Secuna DISCOVER Pro’s crowdsourced cybersecurity programs had over traditional cybersecurity measures employed by most companies. After all, in a BBP, you only pay for valid bugs that researchers submit, and not the traditional man-hour setup of regular employment.

As Secuna’s Business Development team leader puts it:

“Traditional cybersecurity relies on a small team of (hopefully) capable professionals, whose skill sets tend to specialize in a very narrow field of expertise. Crowdsourced cybersecurity allows you access to a multinational pool of the best cybersecurity researchers that perform at a very professional level and possess a very diverse and broad range of security specializations, skills, and trade tools to counter varying degrees of security threats. Companies may not be able to retain or afford hiring these individuals full time, but having the option to outsource—worldwide—to hundreds of them, in a very organized, streamlined, and professional manner gives companies the best practice and cost-effective benefit of having accomplished more while spending less.”

At the launch of the MetroDeal VDP & BBP program, its parent company, TACL, has laid-out plans for Secuna to begin servicing all their other subsidiaries from across Southeast Asia in their pursuit to keep stepping-up their level of customer care and corporate responsibility, setting the stage for a very good long-term relationship.

Secuna is a trusted cybersecurity testing platform that provides its customers with a robust and secure channel that enables them to collaborate with the top security researchers from around the world, to find and address security vulnerabilities.

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