Client Background is a Y Combinator-funded company that started out as a volunteer effort to help combat the pandemic. Its lab software now powers the Philippine Red Cross, helping to automate and process more than 5 million COVID-19 RT-PCR tests in the Philippines.

Being the tech provider for the largest healthcare institutions in the country, deals with a lot of healthcare provider and patient transaction data that needs to be processed on a daily basis. Processing large volumes of information is not just time consuming, but can also be prone to a lot of errors and security issues. This led to their partnership with Secuna.

Challenges was facing challenges brought by the persistent threats on healthcare providers and patients data due to lack of time and resources to monitor its platform’s security.

They requested a continuous security assessment to help identify potential weakness and exposure of personal health information (PHI) in their platform. This included checking potential entry points that cybercriminals may utilize to compromise its platform and network infrastructure.

Raising the bar on security

Secuna, the Philippines' community-powered cybersecurity testing platform, is known to help ensure that SMEs have their assets protected from potential cybersecurity issues and data breaches with service rates that are very equitable.

Ethical hackers are not only trained to spot vulnerabilities but are capable of preventing further online crimes. Their understanding of the breakdown of a data breach, where the common vulnerabilities are, and how to potentially resolve these before they become a problem helps reduce a company's risk of being breached.

Secuna provided a Bug Bounty Program service that is vital for spotting any vulnerabilities on time. Bug bounty programs incentivize security researchers for reporting a valid and impactful security vulnerability. This kind of program is now considered as an industry standard or best practice in identifying and receiving vulnerabilities. It is currently leveraged by the different government agencies and organizations across the globe.

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Creating an impact with ethical hackers

With the successful Bug Bounty Program, has managed to analyze potential hazards and act promptly on existing conditions of vulnerability that together could potentially harm exposed data.

Currently, this collaboration garnered the following results:

  • received multiple reports from the community of vetted and trusted hackers in Secuna platform
  • First valid report was received 2 hours after launching the bug bounty program
  • More than $10,000 was awarded to all hackers who reported valid reports

As the team continues to work with Secuna, they keep sharing insights and looking to further strengthen the security of its platform.

"Secuna has helped our team improve the efficiency and security of the platform. As our team iterates quickly, we've been working with Secuna to help add security to our platform. Through Secuna, our team is able to gain further insight on security flaws while being able to iterate quickly."
– Philly Tan, CIO and Co-Founder of

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